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My Day with Theresa May and the FT

image ©Charlie Bibby

What better way to start my first post then by sharing my day behind-the-scenes with Prime Minister Theresa May and the Financial Times (FT). I was one of two readers invited to join the campaign trail this week to get a closer look on what it is like as a journalist to see Mrs. May in action in the run-up to the elections. I believe we are living in a time where the role of journalism is more critical than ever. So this was a welcome opportunity.

For context, I absolutely love politics. I spend time not only following the international political climate but also watching its trends. I believe elections are won and lost not necessarily based on clearly laid out pragmatic manifestos or plans for the success of a country but how leaders within parties can craft a narrative and strategy that engages people to vote. So as you would expect, I was absolutely delighted to join the FT on a beautiful day in Derby to do just that, observe the climate and study the trends.

My view on the upcoming elections still remains the same. They will either be one of the most audacious political strategies ever executed by a UK ruling party or they will be the biggest unforced error. In either instances, it is crucially important for people to exercise their right to vote. George Parker, Deputy Political Editor, FT asked me what my predictions were? I think if Theresa May and the Conservative Party continues the engagement of the traditional voter they will win. However, if Jeremy Corbyn and Labour can activate the Millennial and Gen Z demographic, then there will be a new prime minister on Friday. In short, the race is closer than it should be so make sure if you are registered to vote in the UK that you exercise that right on the 8 June.

You can read my full account of the day which has now been published in the Financial Times.


Sabrina Clarke, Managing Director, Build Global

Sabrina is a strategist that focuses on corporate and business-level strategy, transformation and change.

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